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Performance Samples

Sonnets for an Old Century

Sarah as Antoinette in Riverside Theatre's digital production of Sonnets for an Old Century by Jose Rivera. Filmed and presented in spring 2021.

All the World's a Stage...

Sarah as the melancholy Jaques in As You Like It at Cornell's Studio Theatre.  Preview performance, December 2018.

"Waiting" - The Addams Family
A sample from Alice's song, "Waiting", from The Addams Family. Taken at final dress rehearsal at the Des Moines Playhouse, May 2015.

World Premiere of Caucus, the Musical

Sarah is featured in the first half of "It's Time to Go to Iowa" from the 2016 edition of Caucus, The Musical for Epic Stage Productions.  Here she portrays Tanya, "Ronald Blunt's" Campaign Manager. 

Olivia - Twelfth Night
Scene selection from Act I, Scene 5. Taken at final dress for LAMDA's Summer Shakespeare showcase, August 2018.
Contrasting Monologues
Classical monologue: Eleanor, Duchess of Gloucester from Henry VI, Part 2 by Shakespeare Contemporary monologue: Daphna from Bad Jews by Joshua Harmon
Contemporary Dramatic Monologue
Serving you a little Joyce from Stranger Things!
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