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Sarah Has Led a Life

Sarah Hinzman was born and raised, much to her chagrin, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  She has had limited success in leaving her home state, but remains hopeful for the future. She received her BFA in Music Theatre with a dance minor from Viterbo (Vih-TUR-bo) University.  Throughout her undergrad years, she spent her summers working professionally at Timber Lake Playhouse, The Old Creamery Theatre, and Allenberry Playhouse (RIP).  

Circumstances led her to take an unexpected turn which resulted in two years of national service through AmeriCorps, in which she served as an Environmental Educator and discovered her love of turtles (among other natural wonders). After that, she was offered an opportunity in Des Moines to work for the government, first in a shabby cubicle and then in a cement block office with no windows and two doors.  During this time she completed a Master's in Adult Learning & Organizational Performance, concentrating in Training/Development and Leadership, from Drake University. The administrative skills she honed as a result are quite formidable, and would certainly be a boon to whatever endeavor you might be considering her for.  

Throughout this "accidental career" spanning a decade, Sarah worked as a professional and volunteer actor as often as possible. She enjoyed working with Stagewest Theatre Company (now Iowa Stage), SPT Theatre, Riverside Theatre, Epic Stage Productions (RIP), Des Moines Onstage (RIP), and more. Sarah was thrilled to serve as an Adjunct Instructor for Drake University's Musical Theatre program in Fall 2016.  After a time, people started asking her to direct stuff.  Seeking to redeem her early failures to direct her disinterested primary school classmates in no less than four different perfectly good projects, she agreed to try again.  

Anyway, she got quite depressed over time because she missed her artistically focused career and did not like working for the government despite its reputation for providing a reliable income and despite her being pretty good at her job. They say to theatre bebes: "If you can do anything else and be happy, you should do that."  She tried that for as long as she could.  

Since the great pivot, she has completed a year of post-graduate actor training at the MFA level and a summer at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA).  She's been acting and directing and teaching with regularity until the plague.  She'll figure it out.  

To strive.  To seek.  To find.  And not to yield.  - Tennyson


Photo by Bailey Pashia

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